How To Register


1. First Time Visitors must get a User ID and Password that will allow you to register for Live Webcast Auctions Get User ID and Password

2. After you receive your User ID and Password you may register for any Live Webcast event. Live Webcast participants must register for each Live auction separately. This is a quick and confidential process. First select the auction you would like to participate in under the "Live Auction" title on the home page. Select the registration link and enter your User ID and Password. Your Registration form will appear filled out with your information. Click the accept terms button at the bottom of the page. After registering you will receive an Email explaining any additional requirement to complete Registration.

3. Bidders must be approved for bidding before they can participate in the Auction. If you have any questions regarding Registration please contact Hudson and Marshall at (866) 539-4173 or (973) 931-1344

4. Live bidding requires that Java is installed on your computer click here to install Java.
For Technical assistance please call us or email.

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